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Creative Organization, L.L.C.

Creative Organization was founded in 2008 by Tory Day and Ellen Karas.  Ellen's and Tory's children met at preschool, and their parents used them as an excuse to drink wine together.  One day, the children removed every article of clothing from Tory's closet and piled it in a heap on the floor.  It is said that the restoration of order to Tory's closet was the start of their new business venture together.

Ellen Karas

Ellen is originally from Detroit, MI.  She received her B.S. degree from Northwestern University, and spent over 30 years as a stage actress.  When she is not organizing and changing lives, she enjoys painting her nails blue and attending her daughter's gymnastic meets at the University of Michigan, or stitching up her sides listening to the outrageously funny antics of her son, Evan.

Tory Day

Tory hails from Genesee, WI and is said to have cheddar in her veins.  She received her B.A. degree from the University Wisconsin, and her Master of Arts in Interior Design from Harrington College. Transforming one's space and one's life is what rocks Tory's world, in addition to defending her movie choices to her son, Emry, and her fashion choices to her daughter, Nora.

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